Let's light up
candles and lives.

Every dollar helps us prove to underprivileged children that their birth was the start of a precious life. Your generous contribution will enable us to continue to build great memories with children who need them the most.

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Celebrating Lives

Our goal is to boost the self esteem of foster and underprivileged children by celebrating their birthdays and letting them know their lives are special

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Make a Difference

We are 100% volunteer-based organization and every dollar raised is spent on the kids


100% Volunteer-Based

Volunteers help brighten the lives of foster and underprivileged children in our community

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Let’s light up candles and lives.

One birthday at a time.

Every month, Kakes 4 Kids volunteers put together birthday parties like the ones every child dreams of.  From personalized cakes and gifts to bounce houses and delicious food, putting together these parties takes a village.

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